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by Kota Ozembwe

When 15-year-old Shiao-Shiao accepts the offer to join the harem of a mysterious and wealthy American, she dreams of a life of wealth and luxury. She soon discovers that wealth and luxury come at a price.

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The Shattered
The Shattered
Directed by Stanton Audemars & Max Harper

In this dreamlike recreation of the unsettling erotic literature of novelist Kota Ozembwe, Stanton Audemars and Max Harper defy artistic and erotic boundaries to bring the genre of the erotic film into unexplored territory. A hypnotic, pioneering film that joins the traditions of magical realism, psychological thriller, and pure erotica, The Shattered stands as an unparalleled achievement of independent erotic film.

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Pornographic Dreams
Pornographic Dreams and Polygamist Awakenings: The Love Poems of an Underground Pornographer
by Stanton Audemars

In this vile, misogynistic collection of crude limericks, disgusting poetry, and soulless sentiments, Stanton Audemars shows the world exactly why pornographers should stay away from poetry. A great read for sexist sociopaths, but everyone else should stay away.

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She Stole My Voice
She Stole My Voice: A Documentary about Lesbian Rape
Directed by Justine Chang & Armand Kaye

The controversial documentary that challenges what we think we know about rape, She Stole My Voice has been praised as daring and honest by some and derided as crude and pornographic by others.

Note: This film contains highly explicit depictions of lesbian rape based on actual lesbian rapes. These depictions are highly explicit and graphic and should not be viewed by persons under the age of 18.

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The media has been blamed for trying to turn American men into docile, innocuous, weaklings. But in truth, American colleges are just as much to blame. That’s where men really learn to be servile weaklings, and learn that “true love” involves becoming a domesticated, self-abnegating, harmless, overly emotional pussy.

A vocal minority of women, and even a few men, really like that situation. They are pretty averse to anything that challenges that view. Thus, through various means, including blocking library access to Stockholm: An Exploration of True Love, they are seeking to maintain that power structure.

It’s time to put the current, officially accepted version of romantic love on trial. Let’s see if it can stand up to the same rigorous analysis, the same comparison to opposing ideas, that every other idea receives in a university setting. It’s time to start a dialogue that fundamentally challenges that skewed version of love.

Bring Stockholm: An Exploration of True Love to your college, and get a free copy of Stockholm: An Exploration of True Love, along with other free gifts (including signed first editions of books by exciting rising authors, DVDs, etc.)

Here’s how it works:

You Can Either:

  1. Get Stockholm: An Exploration of True Love into your college’s library. This is usually pretty easy – just fill out an online request, and say you need it for a class. If you are taking a class in psychology, moral philosophy, women’s studies, sociology, gender studies, media studies, etc., this should be pretty easy.
  2. Write an article about Stockholm: An Exploration of True Love in your college newspaper or campus magazine. For this promotional program, the articles have to be neutral or positive. Articles like “Why Stockholm: An Exploration of True Love should be Banned from the Earth” don’t qualify.
  3. Do a feature about Stockholm: An Exploration of True Love on your college radio or TV station. Same rules apply as above.
  4. Set up a talk/speech/presentation on campus.
  5. Hell, put up a bunch of signs that say: “Bring Stockholm: An Exploration of True Love to Campus”.
  6. Set up a demonstration or something outrageous.


  1. Give us the proof – a link to a newspaper article, or library page, or photograph, or whatever.
  2. Give us your mailing address and we’ll send the free stuff over. BTW, this isn’t flashlights and junk – about $100 worth of cool stuff from one of the most innovative publishers in the country. Also, the more you do, the more stuff you get!
  3. That’s all!

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